La Magie de la Pomme :

Much more then apple picking !

La Magie de la Pomme is a magical place, as it does not exist anywhere else!

Young and old will be enchanted by the entertainment, diversion and where everything has been made like of work of art, offering everybody a memorable experience.

At home, you will be filled with wonder by discovering; which you will not find in any another ordchard; A Princess for the children.

The Princess Api makes all the difference!

Backpack for children

La Magie de la Pomme innovate this year with his backpack.

Children will receive the backpack as a surprise gift during their visit to La Magie de la Pomme for “Pommes, citrouilles, y faut qu’ça grouille”!

But the family will receive this beautiful backpack when they pick the weekend.

Picking apples is possible with this backpack on Saturdays and Sundays.

Children can re-use at school for physical education or other!

What a great souvenir!