Deer apples

We sell deer apples
1 ben of 800 pounds or bags of 20 to 40 pounds.

Contact us, we will be pleased to reserve your apples for the fall season. Happy hunting!


Applefest, to finance your project for hockey, scout, school

Two packages possible:
Package 1:
Pick apples from the ground and be paid to finance your project.

Package 2:
Sell bags of apples first quality (10 or 20 pounds bags )
You make at least a minimum of 2$ or more a bag

For more information on our financing packages, contact us at 450 623-0062

Pets at La Magie de la Pomme

Dogs not allowed on site

Out of respect for the animal population already living on the site, and for safety and cleanliness, please leave your small pets at home. Thank you!