Family activities

Family Activities – Weekends

Free day:Saturdays and Sundays from 10h to 17h

no reservation saturday and sunday

With the purchase of bags of apples, your family and you will have access to a multitude of activities. Refer below for prices.
Enjoy an unforgettable day, full of


Cost per family:
Families (2 adults and 1 to 3 children):

Buy 1 / 20 pound for 20.00$
or 2 backpacks for $25 ( 10 pounds approx each)

Price per adult : 1 bag 10 pounds approx) $10.00 accompagny of one chidl (child free)
extra for gids has a souvenir mini pack sack 3 pound $6.00

Activities included:

    From September 14th until Thanksgiving
  • Tasting of our bread, apple cider, jelly and several local products
  • Visit of the Mini-Farm and Country Store
  • Tractor rides to the orchard or field, to pick apples, squashes and pumpkins
  • Picnic (picnic areas outside or unheated shelter inside in case of rain)
  • Relaxation area at the park, built for kids and adults (small playground, picnic tables, Canadian House for children, sandbox, etc..)

Available Activities (additional charge)

  • Apple or pumpkin shaped gourd containing our magic potion (apple juice)
  • Gift bags for children or for adults (depending on your budget)
  • CHILDREN: souvenir back pack 3 pound of apples $6.00 pick there own apples,
    PARTY: cost for each adult $10.00 = 10 pound of apple bag ( 1 free child accompagny an adult)
    includes free activities : meet the princess, tractor ride, face painting, animation, visite of the mini farm, table picnic, parking free
    No space reservation or picnic tables due to he fact that there is lots of picknicking area and groups can choose to eat at different time of the day

  • Country meal at our Resto-O-Pomme (depending on your budget) *Saturdays and Sundays
  • Apple Donuts baked in front of you at our donut shop *Saturdays and Sundays
  • Face painting for the children

Buy our new backpack for your apple picking.

Fill that bag of apples for $15 and bring it back home!